A Brief Story of the Company

International Education & Training Services, Inc.(INETS) has been established by two major life insurance companies. In 1976 Daido Life Insurance Company and American International Group, Inc.(AIG) agreed to sign the joint venture project to establish an organization which will provide services to the Japanese youth in the field of education. Since the establishment of the organization, INETS has been providing opportunity, environment and appointed time relating to the overseas education. More than 50,000 Japanese youth have cherished unforgettable memories through INETS programs.

INETS had started its operation with a small group of Japanese students from Tokyo, Japan who had experience full of lifetime memories with their American volunteer host families in California and is now performing wide range of programs by the excellence of operation based on the confidence and accuracy. History of INETS is the future of the ever-lasting partnership between people and its appreciation of each other.

Company Performance

Confidence and Accuracy are the Key

INETS performs as an intermediate role among the people who have acute and chronicle necessity of international understanding in this global communication age. INETS provides variety of programs and curriculums which every single one will fit in. INETS has been offering an extraordinary opportunity to earn every participant's need in the custom designed programs which will be exclusively for the ones only. INETS commits to the single individuals need and engages in helping out for better understanding of people and pursuing wide range of perspectives.

INETS invites you to explore the programs to learn more about what INETS can offer;

Academic Homestay Exchange Programs

INETS has been creating opportunity for international exchange since its establishment in 1976. INETS program is based on the philosophy that living inside a foreign culture is the key to international mutual understanding. INETS has experienced many occasions to realize that all efforts of a lot of people's devoted hard work is only to enable us to reach to our final goal of success. INETS is proud of its relationship with all the people who have been involved in this intercultural exchange. This homestay program is impossible to exist without it. INETS values most the contribution to the homestay program from each individual who has been deeply involved in the program.

Variety of Language Programs in Academic Environment

Contracted with the leading universities in USA and major English speaking countries, INETS can provide a custom designed language programs for the group of people and students who are seeking better knowledge of the culture and the people behind its language. All INETS programs are customized according to the request of the group and everybody can fit in without any struggle of anxiety that might damage all the program result.

INETS Scholarship Program

Every year all INETS staffs are so excited to welcome the selected students from the communities in US cities where INETS American volunteer homestay programs happen. All people should share the same opportunity to learn from each other and all chances are given equally to the people who have been deeply involved in INETS programs. This is the key idea of INETS. Each selected students from the communities can get the great experience in Japan by living together with their Japanese families and they could see and learn the real difference between two countries which will give us more hint for understanding and acknowledgement of each culture. Their experience in Japan, INETS believes, is contributing to our great future relationship between next generations of both countries.

INETS Partnership

Since its establishment in 1976 INETS has been creating unique and special programs with long term self-devoted partners. INETS deeply appreciate their efforts to create INETS programs so significant in this global communication world.





Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.

AIU Insurance Company


INETS is a one of first certified companies by J-CROSS.